What Your Eye Twitching is Telling You—and It’s Not Good

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Eyelid Twitch 2For about the last three weeks, my left eye has been twitching.

I’ll be typing away and all of a sudden, I’ll feel that telltale muscle spasm or nerve jump or whatever it is, and it’s like a butterfly beating its wings on my eyelid.

It seemed I should be lurking in the shadows in some horror movie with my ax in my hand, my left eye spazzing of its own accord, a subtle signal of my evil intentions.

I figured it must have something to do with the fact that I haven’t been getting much sleep. Between a burgeoning project load, frequent power outages, a full-on writer’s conference, and a recent health problem in the family, it’s not a surprise.

My body is just reacting to the excess load.

But then I saw a tweet in my timeline from another fellow writer suffering the same thing. People seemed to have all sorts of ideas about what might be causing it. I thought it was lack of sleep. Others thought it had something to do with nutrient deficiencies. Or could it be it was time for a trip to the eye doctor?

This obviously wasn’t an isolated problem, so I decided to dive into it. What causes eye twitching anyway? Is it a sign something else is going wrong? Is there any way to get it to stop?

What Are Eyelid Spasms?

Also called eye spasms, eyelid twitching, eyelid tics, or “myokymia,” these annoying distractions are caused by the small muscles and nerves around the eye. Just as you may experience an involuntary muscle spasm in your elbow or knee, you can also experience it in the eyelid.

The good news is that it’s a common occurrence. We can all rest easy knowing there usually isn’t anything too serious going on.

There are a few exceptions, and these concern neurological conditions like:

  • blepharospasm—a gradually increasing twitching in both eyelids that becomes sustained and forced, and can eventually lead to near blindness, and
  • hemifacial spasm—an involuntary twitching on one whole side of the face, usually caused by compression of one of the facial nerves.

Both of these problems are rare, and involve spasms in more than just one eyelid. Once in a great while, eyelid spasms may be early signs of other neurological disorders, including Bell’s palsy, dystonia (movement disorder), Parkinson’s disease, and Tourette syndrome, but this is highly unlikely in most cases.

Note: If you notice other symptoms, like muscle spasms in your face, redness or swelling in the eye, a discharge from the eye, or if your eye completely closes when it twitches, be sure to see your eye doctor right away.

If you have just the one eye twitching, though, and no other symptoms, most likely you’ve got a common condition and you don’t have to worry too much about it. Usually the spasms go away on their own in a few weeks, though they can continue on for months.

No matter how long the twitching lasts, however, you’d be wise to figure out what’s causing it. Even though it’s not serious, it’s telling you that something’s not quite right. If you fix it now, you’ll be more likely to avoid more serious problems down the road. Ignore it, and your body may up the ante next time with a more painful or inconvenient warning sign.

7 Causes of Eyelid Twitching

How do you know what’s causing your eyelid to twitch? You’ll have to do some detective work. Even doctors and scientists aren’t really sure. Since it’s not a serious condition, we don’t have many studies on it, but most eye doctors have a good idea what may be behind it.

Look over the following list. Likely you’ll notice one or more factors that contributed to your spastic eyelid. Once you know the cause, you can take steps to eliminate it, so your eyes look and act more normal in the future!

1. Stress

Have you suffered more stress than usual lately? Dr. Monica L. Monica, M.D., clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, told Shape magazine that stress is the number-one reason for a twitchy eye.

“Your body is telling you that you are stressed or tired,” Jeffrey Cain, M.D., told Real Simple magazine.

Stress releases hormones in the body that prepare it for fight or flight—and also cause muscle arousal, which may affect your eyelid muscles. Something’s troubling you, you’re going through a rough week (final edits due!), or you’re not sleeping well. Get over the hump, and then take a couple days to recover, and the twitching will likely go away.

Stress 2

2. Fatigue.

Have you been getting your 7–8 hours of sleep every night? Or have you been putting in the extra hours at work—or on your novel? If you’ve had a lot of late nights recently, that’s probably why your eye is complaining.

“Research has shown a correlation,” Dr. Wayne Cornblath, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center, told Time magazine, “and we know that getting more sleep can help, but we don’t know why.”

It makes sense that fatigue could be involved. Think about how fatigue affects the other muscles in your body. You’ve probably experienced spasms in your legs or hands when they were tired or overworked. Same idea, here. Focusing requires work for your eyes, so the more you’ve been requiring them to focus, the more likely they are to be fatigued.

3. Dry eyes.

For those of us who work on the computer a lot, this is a big one. (Read more about computer eye syndrome here.) Staring at the screen all day actually dries out your eyes. Scientists have discovered that working for more than 7 hours a day at the computer reduces the natural lubricants in tears, resulting in dry eyes. In fact, those who have been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome are more likely to suffer from eye twitching, too.

“Though a lot of people think that twitching eyes are caused by stress or fatigue,” says TV’s Dr. Oz, “the real hidden cause is dry eyes. When eyes are too dry, you involuntarily start blinking to keep them moisturized. After awhile, the blinking triggers your nerves and tricks the brain into making your eyes twitch even more.”

Use your eye drops more often, look away from the screen at least once every 20 minutes, and check with your eye doctor.

4. Eyestrain.

This is different than dry eyes. Eyestrain is caused by your eyes having to work too hard to focus. This could be the result of bad lighting (avoid overhead fluorescent lights), straining to see words on the screen that are too small, or failing to wear your glasses.

If you haven’t been to the eye doctor in over a year, it’s time to go. Your eyes could have changed, and if you don’t get your prescription updated, they will continue to struggle to focus while you work.

Look into your lighting, as well, and see if you can improve it, particularly in areas where you spend a lot of time working on the computer or reading or doing other focused work. (Find tips on lighting here.)

Focus 1

5. Allergies

You already know that allergies can cause symptoms like dry, itchy, watery eyes. Allergens can irritate the eyes in general, which can encourage twitching. If you rub them, you can release histamine into the lid tissues and tears, and histamine has been linked with eye twitching.

Try taking an antihistamine, and you may also want to try some of the anti-allergy eye drops that are out there. Just be sure to avoid those with anti-redness activity, as they can damage the blood vessels in your eyes over time. Get some regular tear-like eye drops as well, as antihistamines can dry out the eyes.

6. Nutritional imbalances.

There are a couple of possibilities here. First, make sure you’re getting enough water. Even a mild dehydration can lead to dry eyes, which can then encourage eyelid twitching.

Next, ask yourself if you’ve suffered the stomach flu or related digestive ailment lately. Vomiting and diarrhea can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes in the body, which are key to proper muscle functioning. If this describes your situation, down a sports drink and see if that helps.

It could also be that you’re not getting enough vitamin B, particularly vitamin B12. Even if you’re just slightly low, your muscles and nerves can suffer. Food sources include fish, poultry, meat, eggs, and dairy. Keep in mind that you’re more likely to be deficient if you’re a vegan or vegetarian (you may want to consider supplements), or if you’re over 65 (we don’t absorb vitamin B as well when we age).

7. Caffeine

Too much can be a trigger for eye twitches. Research from York University showed that caffeine triggers the release of serotonin and noradrenaline—excitable chemicals that may be stimulating the nerves to induce eyelid spasms.

Tips to Help Calm Your Eyelid

If you’re not bothered by the butterfly in your eye, you probably don’t have to worry too much. Wait it out for a few days, and it will probably go away.

If your eye has been carrying on for a while, though, and you’re sick of it, here are a few things you can try:

  • Hot and cold compresses: Since the twitch is caused by a muscle, these may help it to calm down. Start with the warm compresses first, particularly before bed. If your eyelid is still switching, try alternating warm with cold, placing each one on the affected eye for about 10 minutes.
  • Acupuncture/massage: If you are a fan of acupuncture, tell your practitioner about your twitch. He or she may have a solution. You can also massage acupuncture points on your own. Simply press your fingers against your eyebrows and massage in a circular motion for a few minutes to help relax the muscles. Then move to the outside of your eye, underneath the eye, and on the inside corner. Be gentle.
  • Reduce stress now: Try playing some relaxing music, take a walk, call a friend, or simply focus on a pretty picture on the wall. Get your mind away from what’s stressing you and into a quieter place. Yoga, meditation, and journaling may also help.
  • Cut back on caffeine: I know how much writers love their coffee, but if you’ve been indulging in a few too many cups lately (count your soda, too), then you may want to cut back to give your system a break. Don’t forget to count other potential sources of caffeine, including some pain relievers and energy drinks. Want an alternative? Try tonic water—there is some anecdotal evidence that it can help relax muscles because of the quinine in it. (People often use it to calm leg cramps, for example.)
  • Go to bed earlier: If you suspect a lack of sleep may be causing your eyelid spasms, try going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. It’s the best way to catch up—sleeping in can actually leave your eyelids feeling heavy and fatigued.
  • Face steam: This will not only help calm and hydrate your eyes, but will also open and clean your pores—bonus facial benefit. Simply put some steaming water in a bowl, cover your head with a towel and let the steam warm your face. If you’re suffering from allergies or dry eyes, try adding some essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, and rose.

Have you suffered from a recurring eye twitch? Did you find a solution? Please share your story.

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  1. Andrew Mclean says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help it started for me
    a few months ago with a twitch at the front of my brain and recently my left eye has started twitching also, this happens on a daily basis and I’m not sure what’s going on. Any help would be great if anyone has suffered from similar symptoms thanks.

  2. Wow, what a perfect description. Yes, the corner of my left eyelid feels like a butterfly is flapping its wings on it. I take atenolol for essential tremor in my hands, and I was wondering if it spread to my eyes, LOL. My hands don’t tremble anymore, though. I’m 64. Considered maybe it is due to being older.

    However, I ordinarily get 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night. I am on vacation in Hawaii, so I am relatively stress-free. No demands on my schedule. Everything in my life seems to be going well. I eat lots of vegetables, fruit, lean meats. Do not smoke.

    The last time this happened was 3 weeks ago when I was on vacation with a girlfriend and touring Hearst’s Castle. Nothing stressful there. I cannot figure this out. The only other answer I can come up with is I had eye surgery 6 years ago, both upper and lower, to remove fat under my eyebrows and a few wrinkles. But 6 years is a long time to have a reaction to surgery.

  3. Monica says:

    I had right eye lid twitching for a few weeks now. And now this week it’s getting more sever. And starting to really cause pain.
    I have cataracts. And seeing is getting harder and harder. My cataracts is like I’m looking through a fog and that fog is getting more dense.
    It’s worse at night like it’s always really smoky in the house.
    The nerve twitching is getting old. It just getting worse and not better.
    Seeing is getting more worse.
    So I do know eye strain is a big cause for eye twitching.
    But I have given up on getting new glasses because with in a few months I need new ones.
    And with my cataracts getting worse there is no need.
    And surgery is out because I’m not rich.
    So I guess going blind is my only option.
    So yes eye nerve twitching is most likely caused my straining your eyes to see.
    And over use.

  4. Azelma says:

    My eye hasn’t exactly been physically twitchig but I’ve had a twitchy feeling in my lower lid for a few days now which seems to have gotten more irritating and stronger. I’m living in a university residence in a foreign city making it hard for me to find/afford an eye doctor. I don’t get much sleep and spend a lot of time at the computer. I wear glasses for distance (including at the computer) but haven’t been to my eye doctor for a few years. Any tips?

    • Monica says:

      Go to the eye doctor. Try getting more sleep.
      And do less computer time. Rest your eyes often.
      Use warm compress on your eye for ten minutes before sleep.
      But go to the eye doctor is the number 1 thing.
      Straining your eyes weakens the nerves. So get those eyes checked.

  5. Teri says:

    I’m kind of worried! I have crohns and have had major surgery. Ileostomy. I still get sick from the little bit that is left and have been sick for a few weeks now. When I do get sick it’s an infection in my body and I get pretty dehydrated. I’m thinking that could be the problem or stress on my body from the infection or, and this could be a big or….. I’ve been playing games on my phone because I’ve just been sitting around for the last few weeks. I’m feeling fatigue in my neck because of it. Reading all the posts, it looks like it could be from nerves being pinched in the neck? I don’t need anything else causing difficulties in my life and making my quality of life worse. Going to stay off for f my phone and drink lots of water. Any other ideas? Has anyone tried Botox?

    • liz says:

      Hi Teri I have crohns as well and an illeosotomy like yourself and I have those annoying twitching eyelids at the moment. I’m putting it down to the dehydration that comes with the crohns /illeosotomy. I’m very fatigued from it. I find vit b 12 injections help. Its hard to get the balance right when you have a lot of fluid loss. Dyorlite sachets help too. Liz

  6. Nang Moon Nge says:

    Thx for that info. It relieved my worry. I’ve been suffering my right eye twitching for about 3 days. It’s difficult to find an eye doctor in my hometown. Now I know some facts that might cause this problem. I’ve a lot of stress these days, I’ve worked on my computer more than 7 hours a day, I went to bed late and I went to my classes without my glasses.

  7. Flaurine says:

    My left eye lid had been twiching for over 2 weeks now. I now feel it on my left lower lip which annoys me big time. Sometimes I feel it on my left shoulder around the shoulder blade and it frecks me out. I guess mine is serious or is it normal too or should I consult.

    • Angel says:

      Hello! I have same trouble. Go see your doctor. They can prescribe anxiety meds. I had bouts of twitching that lasted weeks at a time for almost a year. Tried everything.
      There are treatments available. After starting the meds I have only had minor glitches here and there.

      Good luck!

    • Vivian says:

      Lower eye twiching is usually magnesium deficiency. Take a long Epsom Salts bath everyday for 1 week. Use magnesium oil (magnesium chloride) if you have available. Eat magnesium rich foods.

      If you are over 45 years and your upper eyelid is involved, it may be a sign of estrogen dominance i.e. low progesterone. For tjis see your Dr to check your gonadotropins and hormone levels.DO NOT SEEK ADVICE or buy any preprations for menopause OVER THE INTERNET

    • Girl says:

      It doesn’t mean it’s more serious. It could be because of a trigger point or TMJ. You may want to try consulting a massage therapist and a dentist, tell them your symptoms and they can work with you to help figure out a solution that best fits your situation.

  8. Mel says:

    Cant believe how many of us have eye twitching,was driving me crazy the past week & wouldnt stop even when trying to sleep,it was twitching non stop,i tried pottassium,msgnesium,drinking more water,none of that worked,then i tried tonic water,after second glass i noticed it less frequent,i added eye drops in my eyes also and woke up the next day eye twitch free lol

    • Ava says:

      I am only 11 and still have the twitching, its gotten to the point where my whole eye shuts im sick of it but i will try everything on the list…welli dunno about the caffine thing!😉

      • adf says:

        start of article said if your eye closes during the twitching, you should seek a doctors opinion.

      • francesca says:

        Hi Ava,

        Please try not worry, eye twitching is also caused by looking at a computer, phone screen, not drinking enough water and also because of lack of sleep and I noticed that you sent in your question at 3.26am. I would talk to your parents if its causing you distress and trying getting more sleep, aim to go to bed 30 mins earlier each night so that eventually you are in bed by 10pm. You could try reading a book if you are unable to sleep but please try to speak to your parents or a teacher you trust. Above all don’t worry. all the best x

  9. Eli says:

    My right eyelid has been twitching for about 2 months now and recently my lip has started twitching also it is very very frequent through out the day and it is extremely annoying and becoming more worrisome any ideas on what may be the problem???

  10. Amanda says:

    I’m 22 years old female and every day at least 6 or 7 times a day, if not more, for around a month now. I get the twitching in my left eye. It’s become such an annoyance. I’ve had muscle spasms before but they usually don’t last this long. My right hand will occasionally involuntarily shake too. I figured it was from stress or anxiety, but it happens even when I’m relaxed, not looking at a monitor or screen. It worries me since my eyesight is already so bad and I’m afraid this has something to do with my eyesight or maybe my brain. I worry because I had anorexia for 7+ years and thinking since I didn’t get much nutrition during puberty that this might be causing damage now…Anyone?

    • Ava says:

      Well amanda i think that u should drink 8 cups of water a day and take nerv tonic once a day also try tonic water, and if u have a tablet or phone try to limit yourself to only 1 or 2 hours a day let me know if this works.😆;)

    • Brett says:

      Dealing with a pinched nerve now and have similar symptoms.

  11. Tiffany says:

    Thank you. This helped a lot. I had no idea what was going on with my eye. Apparently working in a dark room with monitors doing surveillance under stress and getting maybe 4 hours of sleep is not a good thing.

  12. James McNab says:

    Try excercising pressure points around the eyes mainly the one near your nasal cavity.. i pressed on it nd i feel the rush or flow of blood to the exact same spot its twitching it is a relief but i need to understand more as to why its not flowing..

    • H says:

      which pressure point??? My flicky eye is irritating the hell out of me and this sounds like it could really help!!!

  13. Bryan Head says:

    Try using earplugs to get extra sleep I also gave up working twelve hour shifts in carehome. Keep stresses to a minimal like working extra to pay for things you don’t really need!!! Put feet up on days off and do as little as possible!!!

  14. Kelly says:

    I have had a twitching for a few months now. Today I put my glasses on (I have them for working at the computer) and it stopped. Who knew!

  15. Angel says:

    I have had it ever since a bad root canal job. The endodontist would not touch it after he heard about the spasms and the dentist cant either s they just left me with a hole in my tooth and the temp filling has come out, and the spasms have been about 2 months now. It started in the upper lip right after the root canal then the lip and eye, now its the eye, the upper eye lid, constantly pulls over and over and over. I know its a facial nerve that was damaged, compressed or something but no one will fix it so I just suffer?

    • Danielle Elwood says:

      Hi, I had a root canal 6 years ago that I recently had pulled after lots of research etc. Reading this might help or doing research yourself on them: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/05/31/root-canal-teeth.asp – The latest studies have shownt hem to be bad for the majority. Like smoking cigarettes, some people “may” not have any significant health problems from smoking and the same goes for root canals. I can tell you that most of my health problems went away after having the tooth pulled, area debrieved and the bone decay shaved off, caused by the decaying tooth.

    • Heidi Sofia says:

      It’s time for an attorney!!

  16. vivian says:

    I had twitching on my left eyebag (under eye, where people call it eye bag) about a week or so ago, it lasted for few days, it would come and go during the day. After the eye twitching, i got a twitching again on the left side of the nose, again it lasted for few days, it would come and go during the day. Now that I feel like they are always there, (i dont know if they are there or my mind just thinks they are there) I would consistently squeeze my eye close and see if the twitching in my eye come back to me. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt.. I went to see the doctor said that I am afraid it would be hemifacial spasm… he said i had to relax and asked me to record the frequency of the twitching (both eyes and nose). I did a lot of research online, it says for hemifacial spasm, it is more likely to affect people that are in middle aga,. i am only 26, i dont know if it is me being paranoid or it is something that i should be worried about. The number of twitching did go down from the day i noticed it.. I really dont know can someone share the experience?

    • Aishah says:

      I have been suffering this eye twitching for almost 6yrs and it worst that my left face and lip are twitching altogether. Clonazepam botox ct scan mri are all done.sadly to say that doctor told me its no cure.think about it??OMG no cure means forever? I am really depressed and there’s a point that i really want to give up especially now that every second i can feel the twitched all over my left eye face and lip😭

      • Kylie says:

        if you have hemifacial spasm then there is an operation which is a cure. check out the Hemifacial Spasm groups on Facebook for lots of advice and information.

  17. Melissa says:

    I’ve had eye twitching for the past 2 months but mine started out as a muscle spasm to the right of my left eyebrow in between the 2 and I’ve had post nasal and nose issues since I loved to georgia 2 years ago. I wonder if my plugged up nose and music build up is causing pressure at the top of my nose and around the corners of my eyes. The eyebrow spasm is continuous and I don’t feel it too often my my eye twitches I feel and are super annoying. I’ve also had some high anxiety after having a couple root canals thinking. I had some kind of infection. I dunno if it’s stress from that causing this or my nasal issues.

  18. Hannah says:

    I had an eye twitch for years. I thought it was stress related. I spoke with my eye doctor many times, but they always seemed to brush it off. Right after I had a root canal it went away. The dentist said I had an “angry” tooth, it bleed a lot during the procedure. Just a theory, but I think the two where related

    • lynette says:

      I have had eye quivering on my lower left eye closes to the inside corner. I have many doctors appointments and eye appointments. Resorted to Botox. Curious my dentist said I should have a root canal on a upper tooth on the same side as the eye quivering. My tooth doesn’t hurt…..did yours? Perhaps I will have that done and see it it makes a difference. My eye quivering happens right when I wake up and before bed. Sometimes during the day.

      • Sheena says:

        Hi Lynette, plsase let me know how you go. I have exactly the same symtoms as you at the moment and it’s already freaking me out ohh and its getting really annoying. I badly wantef to know how to cure it. Thank you

  19. Catlee says:

    My left eyelid has been twitching off and on for several days (it did this before but went away after a few days)
    But now I have something else going on with it that concerns me. Now it is effecting the sight in my left eye. It looks like everything is moving back and forth about 1-inch and its moving really super fast, it does this even if I hold my eyelid to stop the eyelid from twitching. This is very annoying and is almost constant now.

  20. Precious Balogun says:

    my right eye has been twitching on and off for a couple weeks. I have a hard time sleeping but I take magnesium tablets and I think they might be helping. It also twitches when I sneeze or yawn so try holding the part the twitches & keeping your eye wide open when you yawn or sneeze.

    • Paul Birch says:

      Hello my eyes mainly my right have been twitching for around 2 year. Twitches can be small or large I used to work shifts so I got them tested and was told I had eye strain and glasses would sort them but this never worked. Got them tested again last week and eyes are in perfect condition no strain……I really need help as even with a good nights sleep they still twitch and hurt by 9 o clock at night. Does magnesium really work??

  21. Michelle says:

    After trying all the above and stressing like mad my eye twitch went away slowly in just over a month, mine came on with stress and I woke up every morning with sore jaw so guessing that was the reason behind it. Mine was under the eye and people could see it, thought it would never go.

    • Pamela says:

      I have the same thing. I’ve been grinding my teeth in the left side and I noticed my under my eye twitches. So I hope it does go away. Thanks for staring.

  22. Dana Archer says:

    One more thing that can cause eye area twitching: CERVICAL NERVE COMPACTION. I’ve suffered neck pain and tightness most of my life, ever since a sports injury resulted in what doctors described at the time as a triple whiplash in grade school.

    The upshot is this: anytime my neck became fatigued, either because of being out of alignment, or I hadn’t gotten enough rest, or I was stressed (public speaking), or even when I would wear my long hair gathered in one spot such as a pony tail or twist (Hawaii, where I live, can be hot) for most of the day, my right eye would begin to twitch at the outside corner. It could twitch so relentlessly it felt sometimes like my right eye and temple were locked in a vise.

    Eventually, regular visits to a chiropractor (who kept the vertebrae from pinching on my vagus nerve, and 2 yrs. of quarterly Botox injections by an opthamologist trained to inject it, calmed the nerve and my twitches are gone for the most part.

    Now, I would need to be sleep deprived several dayy, and really stressed, and maybe even wearing a ponytail for an hour or two, before I’d feel a little of the old tightness around my right eye. And if this happens, I immediately work on relaxing my neck, and de-stressing (distraction, Naprosyn (Aleve), whatever) and it melts away.

    It can take a while for an aggravated nerve to heal, I was told by both my chiropractor and opthamologist, and it seems to be true. So, if nothing else works, and your twitch is not attributable to a nutrient deficiency, or major neurological disorder, consider looking into your cervical nerves… you just may find long lasting relief, as I did.

    • Joseph Whitten says:

      My neck is messed up and I am going to have shots in it 4 day’s but I also have been experiencing left eye spasms on the same side as my arm going numb

  23. Sarah says:

    Eye twitching that isn’t caused by the above can be caused by dystonia, in which case the person needs to see a movement disorder neurologist for Botox treatment immediately.
    Please consider adding it to your list since it is a highly under diagnosed condition that can be treated, unlike most neurological issues. I suffer from another form of dystonia, as well as other, less treatable neurological conditions–and I’m not even 30 yet.

    • James L. says:

      Been there. Done that. Hemi facial spasms and movement disorders can really be difficult to live with. My eyes close and my head jerks often. It all started with a little flutter under my eye about seven years ago. I have lost my job as a truck driver and had to take an early retirement. It can change your whole life. See a specialist asap. No one seems to understand the discomfort we go through.

  24. Greg M. says:

    One cause of eye twitching that is frequently overlooked is a DENTAL problem. I had an eye twitch lasting a couple of weeks. I went to a general practionioner MD, and an ophthalmologist who attributed it to overwork and tension or too much caffine.
    Given that none of those diagnoses seemed applicable, in desperation I did something very radical for the time (1975). I visitid an acupuncturist, who cured my in one visit. One week later the root cause manifested itself. My upper right premolar had immediate need of a root canal. It had been infected for a while. I asked the dentist about my eye twitching and dental nerve irritation, and he said that it was very probable.

    • Aaron Rolnick says:

      Greg, since you mention dental problems as a cause of eye twitching, I wonder whether this applies to me. Starting a day or two ago, I noticed when I looked in the mirror that I’m having a continuous twitch below my left eye [where people get “bags” under their eyes if they don’t get enough sleep]. I have TMJ problems (jaw problems), so I wonder whether the twitching is related to it. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but I get more pain on the left side of my jaw and the twitching is only below my left eye.

  25. shari says:

    I was reading a t all the comments about eye problem. And also have that but I also noticed alot of people say it’s your left eye so is mine just wondering if it had something to do with the left it self

  26. Karenality says:

    hmmm…Interesting. My eye (and left…but SOMETIMES right…but mainly left eye) has been involuntarily twitching and almost like itching but just twitching involuntarily. My doc says I have a magnesium (severe) imbalance. but I have a lot of health issues…(RA, type 2 diabetes, severe neuropathy) and then I have another doc that says my neuropathy since it is getting worse could be beginning to move up into my facial area. Oh boy! Could also be medication or with my pain related insomnia…related to that!
    Grrr…no real known answers…but the one doctor is almost dead on positive it’s the magnesium deficiency becuz of my blood test results.
    I’ve been taking the magnesium supplements as prescribed for over a month now and it hasn’t stopped.
    Hope everybody’s twitching improves!!

    • michelle says:

      I have RA as well and am starting to deal with some neuropathy issues. My eye has been twitching underneath for 4 days straight. I began to wonder if it was some of my RA meds actually.

    • Jarek says:

      There is an alternative to oral supplementation and it happens to be dirt-cheap and more efficient (study below). Consider applying so-called ‘magnesium oil’ (solution of magnesium chloride in water) to your skin. I do it twice a day. The larger the area you apply it to, the better, but leave out sensitive parts. It might be beneficial to keep it on for hours, but if it burns, wash it off after 30 minutes. If lack of magnesium is the problem, this is your fix. My eyelid twitching usually stops in under a week and returns only if I neglect this transdermal supplementation (modern diets are ridiculously low in magnesium).

      In this study they used solution of 31% by weight:
      “After 12 weeks’ treatment 89% of subjects raised their cellular magnesium levels with an average increase of 59.7% recorded. Equivalent results using oral supplementation have been reported over 9-24 months.”

      Surprise surprise – it might help your type 2 diabetes too (even oral supplementation seems to work here, so you can expect better results with transdermal application):
      “The results provide significant evidence that oral Mg supplementation improves insulin sensitivity even in normomagnesemic, overweight, non-diabetic subjects emphasizing the need for an early optimization of Mg status to prevent insulin resistance and subsequently type 2 diabetes.”


    • Linda Terranova says:

      hoping you get relief.. i understand how you feel.

  27. Lara says:

    My eye has been twitching for the past week. I know its due to tiredness, but i cant really catch up on sleep as i am a working mother of a almost 2 year old!

  28. Steve says:

    Stress depleates Potassium. Potassium deficency leads to eye twitching. Take potassium (powdered) and in a week. no more twitch. Works for me.

  29. Amy ward says:

    I’m only 14 and I get eye twitch mostly on Wednesdays because that when we wear our pe tracksuit and I always feel embarrassed wearing it because I look stupid I always get very anxious and I though the eye twitching would be because of an anxiety disorder but I guess I was wrong

    • Lacie Verner says:

      Hey Amy-
      Your comment caught my twitchy eye 🙂 As someone who survived her teen years, I want to simply tell you that you are beautiful and to embrace what you feel makes you look stupid. When I was 14 I felt the exact same. There are still days when I feel stupid-looking but having JOY through it makes you beautiful, no matter what. As girls we are just too hard on ourselves. I could go on and on…

      Please don’t let Wednesdays bring you down, girl (or any other day). Take a minute and read Matthew 6:25-34 (google it). Take care and rock that pre-tracksuit.

    • Genie McLeod says:

      Hey there, Miss Amy…
      I don’t know you, but I know one thing- being 14 is hard enough by itself, but add to it negative self-talk and its HELL.
      Please understand that feeling insecure and anxious at your age is SO normal and it WILL get better.
      You are in a mental transition that can be so very confusing and isolating. (And long)
      I want to encourage you to be your own best friend- the next time you hear “you look stupid” in your head, just tell that voice to shut up. Just the fact that you are here on this earth, living, breathing and growing is a miracle. Run after Jesus as hard as you can. Get to know Him and your doubts and fears- while they won’t go away- they will be easier to walk through if you get a good hard grip on His hand. Shine bright, little sis… Hold your head high and don’t look back. It’s all part of becoming a butterfly. 💞

    • Lauren says:

      My right eyelid has started twitching. I think its due to trying to handle my anxiety better.
      While i try not to stress about things it seems to have transformed into a recurring eye twitch.
      I suppose its a little better than a panic attack but its fetting annoying. Every day even when im relaxing on the couch.
      Twitch twitch.

  30. leanne says:

    I have suffered a lot of stress all of my life. I can remember my eyes twitching when I was in grade school. I’m 44 and my eyes still twitch. I can remember someone saying my ex’s name and my eye twitched. It’s annoying when you bump into someone who intimidates you and your eye starts to twitch. Usually I brush it off and make fun of it but it’s embarrassing. I know it’s stress 100% for me.

  31. Karen says:

    My left top eyelid used to twitch all the time and it would do it constantly and it turned out to be a brain tumor pressing on my optic horn but that was me it was a rare tumor bit benign thank the lord I found out the problem

    • Sarah wise says:

      This is exactly what I believe is happening with me. I have a fullness/pressure feeling concentrated behind my upper right eyeball. I’m trying to see a neurologist and get an MRI. Is that how you found out?

  32. Geri says:

    When my left Eye twitches, something bad or death happens to someone close to me. After it happen the twitching stops. When my right eye twitches, something good, happy, or i will get money unexpectedly. After the goodness happens, it stops. So, i go through these twitches on uneasy and easy nerves. When they both twitches at the same time i really get awesome news. Crazy as it may sounds, it’s the truth. This happen to all my family members the same.

  33. itasara says:

    Is there any chance like a neurological condition like Multiple Sclerosis can cause some temporary twitching? I doubt it but I have to wonder since it is a central nervous system problem. My left upper eye was twitching for a few weeks then stopped. Now my left upper eyelid twitches. It has probably been going on for a couple weeks, maybe more. When I squeeze my eyes shut it induces the twitiching. Any of the causes could be my problem — too much computer time, lack of sleep, some stress – nothing immediate but I always have some, I put in a couple of drops for eye dryness..hoping it will help.The twitiching only lasts about 8 seconds if I don’t do anything to stop it like rub my eye. Then it stops for awhle until I squeeze my eyes or sneeze – that does initiates it as well.

  34. Nick Hall says:

    I squeeze my eyes shut really hard and then blink about 4 times afterwards. It only occurs when I have an abundance of stress and anxiety, so I have come to the conclusion that stress and anxiety is the cause.

  35. michelle says:

    my left eye has been twitching for the past week or so. ITS SOOOO ANNOYING! usually every time I laugh or yawn or something, it has a spasm.

    • mal says:

      same here usually when I yawn or sneeze probably because we are putting more strain on our face but damn I wish there was a quick solution.

  36. David says:

    Mine started just over one year ago in my left eye lid. It lasted for about 6 months and then stopped suddenly but later that same day started in my right eye lid where it has remained since. I get plenty of rest and exercise. I was taking a pre workout before gym which is loaded with caffeine. I thought that may have been the cause but stopped taking it 2 months ago and nothing has changed.

    • Steph says:

      I have used magnesium oil spray topically and it stops it instantly. Possibly from a hewlth food shop or essential oil brand. Spray a little into your hands and mix with a carrier oil or lotion and gently dab on the eyelid…don’t get it in your eyes! It would prove the magnesium theory….might be hard to find but worth a try!

    • Fatma says:

      I am here becaus I’m like the other having eyes twitching . My left eyes start twitching last november. Now we are in September and my eyes twitching so hard every minute every day . In December I went to aptomolog and he told me thats all what cause it is stress . I will admitted I was stressed at the time . But I’m not now ! But my eyes getting worse and worst day after the day . Its startd with the eyelid but now I feel the never inside the eyelid and its really annoying! Itried magnisin supplement , hot and cold water , tea nothing had work worth me . Any advice of what should I do . I’m tried , sometimes I feel like I can’t open my eyes . If I sleep 8 hrs or 10 would be th same !

  37. Mahmoud says:

    I have left eye twitching for 7 months until now :(, it drive me crazy. I went to nerve doc and eye doc, both of them said it is from tiredness and anxiety. My doc made blood test for me and they found that I have so low amount of vitamin D. I am taking it right now, I am much better but when i got sick (flu, cold,so tired) it return back like crazy.
    I dont know what is with me really and yes I use the computer most of the day .
    Hope everyone heal from this thing really.

    • muriel-wilsomcdavid says:

      i had my right eye twitch for 3 years now and is getting worse. im to see the eye doctor in the near future. it just drives me crazy

  38. Bob says:

    My upper right eyelid was twitching for 3 weeks. I tried advil, more sleep, hot compresses, and just keeping it closed. Nothing worked. I would wake up in the morning and even before i would open the eye it would be twitching. Finally I took some claritin and i would say my eye has only twitched a few times a day since. I’m going to the eye doctor to see what he has to say bit it sounds like i may need to go to an allergist.

  39. Raven says:

    My right eyelid, currently, twitches very often, it started two days ago, and since then has been very bad.
    I’m 14, and in the 9th grade, so sleep is very limited.
    Also, I’m very stressed with my grades, trying to perfect them, but i have tried doing things differently, and not stressing as often. I drink two whole water bottles each day, take naps after I get home, and try no to worry about my grades.
    It’s only gotten WAY worse.
    help, please, because it does this during class and it is very agitating.

  40. Mr.Ricardo02 says:

    I had All the causes

    • mary says:

      me too. isn’t there a drop that an fix this instead? lol

      • colin says:

        I have this annoying problem but I work 14 to 15 hours a day and planning wedding so maybee down to stress and lack of sleep, why is it mostly the left eyelid as most peeps on here have said.

  41. Jim says:

    I have had a twitch in my eye since I was a child, as my father told me. How it is a bit distracting for others to look at me in the eye and look away as the, eye twitches.
    I have been thinking lately about having botox shots, any thoughts on that? My eye twitch is probably from nerves, I was made to feel anxious by both of my parents, still have some issues with nerves apparently since my eye still twitches every time I speak with someone.

    • sarthak says:

      Try to communicate with people while wearing shades (better if its sunny outside). They wont be able to see your twitching eye, and you’ll feel a bit normal too.. within a few days, your eye wont twitch while talking when you wear shades. You dont need any medication for this. Just be comfortable while talking to people and it will FADE AWAY. Give it a few weeks though. Do try it. #freeadvice

    • Erica says:

      I had a constant twitch in my under-eye area for over a year. I had only 2-3 units of botox and it made it (mostly) go away for about 3 months. Had to wait 2-3 weeks for it to kick in though. Good luck!

  42. judy says:

    My eyes left eyes been twitching for 3 weeks but ever since I had a panic attack and hyperventilated been doing it more

    • Jim says:

      Life’s a bitch, try living with it all your life. I suppose it is easier for me since I am so accustom to it, the only time I notice it is when I look in the mirror, you probably feel it, I no longer do.
      I am looking for a cure or maybe botox, it is awkward to have people not want to look me in the eyes because my left eye twitches, I never could figure out why people always looked away, now I know.
      Best of luck with your issue.
      By the way, deep breathing really helps with panic attacks and try to get your mind to a comfortable place while breathing, keep it there until your attacks subside, they will wander back and forth but after you master staying in one comfortable place like being on a boat on a sunny day in the middle of a lake, you will find this method works tremendously. Deep breathing, focusing on a comfortable place and imagine your toes falling asleep as you slowly move them, a sight wiggle of each toe until they get tired or you tell them they are getting tired. All this is doing is getting your mind off your issue, owrk yourself up from your toes to your ankles up to your legs by moving the muscles a bit, then back to the toes until you are finally totally focused on your toes, feet etc and maybe you will fall asleep or be totally relaxed.
      I have been using this method for 40 years, something I developed while lying in bed one night.
      Work on it, it has worked for me.

      • J Dawson says:

        Thank you …my left eye started twitching as of last week and hasn’t stopped I have done a lot of research since then I prefer natural remedies and I must say this is most cost efficient…I tried what you typed as I was reading and this is the first time my eye has stopped for a total of 2 mins now …well damn spoke too soon…but thanks I will keep doing this…I’m sure the more I do the longer the effect

  43. Michelle says:

    So..my eye initially would only twitch on occasion. (Tiredness ) did that since middle school, almost 20 years ago. Lately though, it’s been constant. I have 3 kids, get up very early, started going to bed earlier recently, do drink caffeine drinks, stressed. I’ve tried massage. Warm compress. Less caffeine. More water. It seems to be worse. This has been going on for several months now.

    Btw, I’ve noticed majority of everyone’s posts are about their left eye.

  44. Dev says:

    My eye has been twitching for 10 years it used be one. The twitching happens everywhere around both eyes its really annoying. I wake up with it twitching constantly and the twitching never stops. They say its fatigue and stress but i sleep well even if i stress or not it still twitches. I don’t drink caffiene either. If i yawn or sneeze it starts twitching rapidly.

    • Val says:

      My left eyelid has also been twitching for three months. It has slowed down a bit but is still there. Try Gatorade or a water that has electrolytes in it (trader Joe’s has one.). This may help. My lid also twitches when I sneeze, close my eye tight or rub it. This seems like a common problem.

    • Linda Terranova says:

      i have suffered with this for 6 years. i quit drinking and take very good care of my health.. it goes away for a year then comes back in flickers when i rotate my eyes.. I go to Acupuncture and try to remain sugar free. Acupuncture has benefitted me tremendously.Good luck its so lonely with this ailment.

    • Linda Terranova says:

      I will try to explain my story from the beginning so everyone will have a clear picture of my eye twitches. I have always been very blessed with good health. Blood work always great. Low blood pressure and never any issues that required hospitalization. I do however have issues with my stomach .. Too much acid production. I am 55 in December and the only meds i take are vitamins . d3. b12 bilingual ( under the tongue) B complex which is b2 b5 and b6 i believe. I drink a lot of water ( bottled) chlorinated water is not good to drink says my acupuncturist. Evian and Fiji are considered really great choices.. amounts others .Don’t take my word look it up. I eat brown rice ( it has lots of vitamins and i believe has magnesium also. ) also green tea every day ( without sugar) i gave up refined sugar 5 days ago. I am working on giving up coffee also ( 2 cups a day) is all i drink now.. with local honey ( one teaspoon only) THIS IS MY LIFE NOW..becoming aware of everything i eat for fear that too much sugar or not enough magnesium and my eye twitch will come back.. I woke up 7 years ago and i had a little heartbeat under my left eye.. it was so strange.. you could see it. the entire under neath part of my eye moved in and out like a heart beat. This went on for 5 years. I almost lost my ever loving mind. However 3 years prior to the spasm i spent 10-12 hours on the computer everyday ( i was a wedding photographer) I did not take very good care of my health. I just ate whatever and drank coffee and pulled all nighters. This is the only prelude before the spasm started. I went to an acupuncturist that insisted too much sugar is the problem.. she treats my belly and liver for the spasm. It went away like magic for almost 2 years. then i started staying up late not getting sleep again ( my sister and I can have 4 hour phone conversations) we have 350 miles between us so telephone is the next best thing. Well the dang twitch comes and goes now on BOTH EYES.. This is freaking crazy. Its not all the time .. its a twitch here and a twitch there all day.. So the losing sleep triggered it MAYBE.. or maybe it was multiple things such as stress, lack of sleep. and too much sugar. I feel like i seen all my free time ( i have a 12 year autistic son) he is barely on the spectrum but he still has some issues.. ) also i have had three MRI’s and numbers blood test and they found nothing. Hoping we all can find a way to deal with it until it subsides.. never give up . I lived large the 2 years it was gone.. LIFE WAS GREAT AGAIN.

    • linda terranova says:

      hi, dont feel alone. mine started under left eye and now both twitch occasionally. its not all the time like it used to be. seven years of left under eye pulse.. it drove me mad. this is just as annoying. how old are you . i am 55 this started at age 46 for me.. i have seen every doctor .. i just try to eat healthy. hope you feel better.how do you work with this nuisance.

  45. Renee Warren says:

    I have a 2 year old and a brand new 2 month old. I work 4pm to midnight at an insurance company and my dryer went out last week……..around the same time that this annoying twitch started in my upper cheek, right under my left eye. Stressed….a little. Tired….greatly. Too much caffeine….how else would I survive? Eyestrain….all I do is look at a computer at work. Nutritional imbalance…..vending machines aren’t a good balanced diet????

    I think it’s safe to say this twitch is stuck on me like white on rice.


    • sarthak says:

      Increase uncarbonated liquid diet (juices, water, etc). Its just a bit dehydration. Concentrate on fruits more than meals. Give it a week or maximum 10 days

  46. Debs says:

    My twitches as soon as I wake up…can’t be stress or tiredness surely?

    • Admin says:

      I’ve had that too, Debs. In my case I think it’s dry eye—if you think that may be a possibility for you, try a humidifier in your room at night. Good luck!

  47. Anita says:

    I have been to my dr. re a spaspodic feeling of heat around my left eye socket she says it is related to my vasospactic desease also my life has been very stress full due to serious family health problems.

  48. Val says:

    My lower left eyelid has been twitching for two months. It is near the lash line. I’t is causing alot of stress and anxiety. I went to my optometrist after a month and was told that my eyes are healthy but do have dry eyes. I recently called an optometrist and have to wait weeks to see him, he said stress and anxiety are the main cause and unless you control your stress it won’t go away. I have tried eyerything, magnesium, vitamin b, tonic water, acupuncture, etc. Nothing seem to work. Can dry eye cause this to last this long. I also use restasis. I am obsessing over this. Any other suggestions. Thank you

    • Brit says:

      Same exact issue. Same eye. My aunt told me b12 as well so I picked up some today. I eat a lot of fish poultry and dairy so you would think,according to this article, that wouldn’t be the case. I don’t feel stressed but the twitching is actually starting to stress me out.I currently do not have health insurance so I’m trying to prevent a doctor’s appt. Hoping this b12 and eye drops help.

    • Hi Val,
      I think that you might need to get to the doctor, and not to the eye doctor either, I might be over stepping my thoughts and boundaries, but I would love to say that I saved a life, it could be caused by health problems and you Val does not even know what it is till it’s too late. If you don’t have health insurance, that’s OK apply for financial aid this will help pay for the year, some clinics only charge the minimum of $20.00 per visit, if you have a great doctor he will help you find a doctor that will help you in this case, but anyways I have that annoying twitch in my right eye, but mine is caused by 3 bare nerves in my brain, which that is caused by MS, and the other health issue is that I have had 3 mini strokes, I also have diabetes, number one killer disease that can cause many health issues that I have.I would love for you to get checked out by your doctor, not saying that you need to have all these tests done, but just to know that you know or have a relaxed mind that everything checked out ok and if something does come up in the future, hopefully not, but if it would, it’s in your chart at the family doctors office. Be Blessed Val

      • itasara says:

        Val, you might wnat to see an opthomologist (rather than an optometrist) which you might have meant when you said you had to wait weeks for an appointment. Some otpometrists are trained with knowledge about special eye health circumstances, but an opthomologist is an MD and may have more options for you.

        • val says:

          Thank you for responding. The left eye twitch has gone away, only happens occasionally. I’m not the one without health insurance I believe it was Brit. I did talk to an opthomologist, he said that that stress is the main cause for eye twitching and is a benign condition in most cases. Most doctors aren’t concerned about eye twitching unless your eyes are forced shut and have other symptoms going on with the twitching.
          Thanks again

  49. Izzy says:

    I’m a writer and 3d game artist that stares at the computer a lot and I noticed that lately along with the awful twitching, wind really bothers my eyes. I hope there is something my doctor can do for dry eyes because I am miserable. Eye wetting doesn’t help or breaks from the screen.

  50. Lea Graham says:

    I too have been suffering from the annoying of a twitching left eye for a month now…. I too do not feel stressed perse, but I do enjoy my one to two cups of coffee a day. I wear my glasses daily etc… very frustrating and have googled this problem to death. I see here I am not alone. I take a medication for my migraines nightly that people who are epileptic take and I have read this can be a side effect from this medication…. I may delve into that…. Maybe this info may help others? Until then…. I will keep closing when I twitch which is all the time…………… Good luck others!!

    • Gina Ahearn says:

      I have been searching the Internet as well without any answers, until I read your comment. My right eye twitches every single night around the same time except today I noticed it during the afternoon. For years I was on Topamax for migraines but I took a break for a year due to my Lupus diagnosis. I started Topamax again 2 weeks ago and never connected the twitching to the medication, I thought it might be from the Lupus. I think we may have our answer, thank you so much! It’s driving me crazy but at least I know what is causing it 🙂

      • sean says:

        I too was on topamax…it turned on me -causing these spasms, but also a false glaucoma type symptom. ALSO it took my grades from a’s to D’s with the University placing me on a medical leave of absence. I could not put two sentences together…the final straw was when I woke up and thought it a good to end my life…thats when I reached out to friends who said they had noticed a profound change in my personality. THEN it was revealed the Resident made a mistake by tripling the dose ….I could not metabolize the drug. IT took two months to titrate off of it, and I feel like a completely different person. Still struggling with academics, and have this spasm in my left eye. I would NEVER take that dangerous drug again.

      • michelle says:

        Hmm, I’m on a pretty high dose of topamax. I questioned that as the culprit or possibly another one of my rheumatoid arthritis meds.

    • Dave Dongoski says:

      My left eye twitches. No meds. Not good sleep an lots of stress wat I figure. I also get severe migraines also. My friends eye also twitches sumtimes but he does not get migraines. Stress most likely wat I figure

  51. LUNEL says:





    T/U, LUNEL

    • Lorraine says:

      This article is very informative, i had noticed that my left eye was constantly twitching coupled with extreme fatigue. After a blood test I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, which means that my body cannot absorb vitamin B12 through my stomach. I am now on a lifelong course of B12 injections.

  52. Malia says:

    Hi my name is Malia and i have a problem with my left eyes, left eyebrow and also my mouth.I dont know whats happening i just woke up on friday morning and i feel that something happen to my left side on eyes to mouth..if i tryin to close my eyes its only right eyes can close even my left eyebrow too if i try to make them move irs only right eyebrow can work if i cry only my right eye that tear came out from this right eye but left eye theres nothing and when i talk its something happen to my mouth its not normal but its like handicapped or what..iso am so worried for this happen because im pregnant and i have only 2 weeks now before i had my due date im due to 9 of February this year 2016..so please i need some help most my family tell me its maybe there’s evil who make it but i dont know..could anyone pleased help me..

    • Admin says:

      I’m no doctor, Malia, but it sounds a little bit like Bell’s Palsy, which is a nerve problem in the face. Please check with your doctor and see this article: http://nervous-system.emedtv.com/bell's-palsy/bell's-palsy-during-pregnancy.html
      It does happen more often in pregnant women than in the general population and is nothing serious. Please don’t worry and make an appointment with your doctor. Good luck!

    • Stacey Bragg says:

      My name is Stacey and for the past 3 days my left eye has been (I wouldn’t say twitching)having like a slow pull that sometimes stays for a couple seconds and then releases.

    • Linda Higgins says:

      You have bells palsy. I’ve had it.twice and it takes about 4 to 5 weeks to completely clear up. You need to go to your doctor and get antiviral meds and take them. You will be fine. Good luck to you.

    • al white says:

      Could be a sign of a small stroke

  53. Molly says:

    I recently went to the eye doctor because my left lower lid has been twitching at least every 3-5 minutes for over a month. He advised that they don’t know what causes it and it is more common than one might think. He said there is no damage being done, but it is severely annoying. He suggested using the allergy eye drops as well, because while it may not actually be allergies that cause the twitch during many studies they “accidentally” works for many people. Some patients it does not work for and the eye center is actually prescribing Botox for the affected nerve that is constantly firing. Some only need a one time injection while others have to go back every 3-4 months. I’m hoping the drops work. I am on the first day of them and have noticed the twitching is still occurring at the same rate, but it’s no longer a quick flutter but is a slower pulse. Maybe that means it’s working?

  54. Colleen says:

    My left eye has been twitching on and off for about a month now and I can’t figure out what is causing it. I haven’t been stressed and I get about 7 hours of sleep at night. I do spend a lot of time on my Kindle but my eye will twitch whether I’m on it or not. It’s very annoying

  55. Milly says:

    Iv found it is a magnesium deficiency. If I stop taking magnesium it starts up again.

  56. Dear Sir,

    My left eye is twitching from last 1 week and its get pain by end of the day.. as the reason you have stated, my most of day job is on Computer.. Almost 8 to 10 hours I spend on computer on daily basis.

    I feel this first time but my other part of body also some time twitching but only for few seconds but from one week, this eye twitching become painful for me.

    I think this is due to over use of computer.. My sleep is also about 6 to 7 hours a day..

    Please suggest me solution, weather should I consult with doctor or minizing computer use will solve the issue ?


    • Admin says:

      Hi, Sarkari. Always good to check with your eye doctor, just to make sure your eyes are healthy. Other suggestions are to make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours of good sleep per night, have some eye drops by your computer and use them regularly (not the anti-redness ones, just the lubricating ones), and try to get up at least once every 30 minutes to step away from the computer and look somewhere else for at least five minutes. If you’re in a dry climate, a humidifier in your office may also help, or a mini one on your desk. Good luck!

  57. I’ve been dealing with this problem for almost two years. I have twitching with the lower lid of one eye and the upper lid of the other eye. I do have dry eyes and I have been using good quality eye drops. When I my eyes are drying the twitching is worse. I had been on prescription eye drops, but with government forced changes to insurance, I can’t get them anymore unless I pay full price.

    I read that D3 might be helpful. I’ve been taking that for a while and it’s help a little bit. But the problem remains.

    I’m desperate for a solution. I’m going to try the B12. I also read that magnesium may help too.

    Thanks for the good information you shared.

    • Cathy Blair says:

      My left eye started twitching two weeks ago right after I went to the dentist and found out I’ve been clenching and grinding my teeth at night. I’ve recently noticed I’m clenching during the day also. I was on neurontin for a few weeks and heard twitching is a side effect. I also work on a computer for more than 10 hours each day. Hoping it goes away but I will be making an appointment with my eye doctor.

  58. karen dulaney says:

    My right eye has been twitching for most of this year. It occurs off and on regularly. I happens when I am doing most anything. Computering, no computering. Laying down, reading, it matters not.
    I went to the eye Dr. and says stress causes it. I don’t feel stressed though.
    I haven’t been sleeping well for the most part, but even if I do it happens.
    I appreciate your blog. I am going to try the massage technique, and sleeping more, and definitely tonic water.
    I am a tech support rep and have to sit at the computer most of the day, so not much relief there.

    • Colleen says:

      Karen, you may also want to consider that you may have dry eyes? Just another thing to try–maybe some more moisturizing drops might help. I know mine get worse this time of year with the cold, dry air. Good luck finding a solution!

    • It move so much that I hold it with finger, now that I have read something about it I well pay more attention to it what I am doing when it happen , I am going to check with my eye Dr.
      Thank you

  59. Kim says:

    Excess use of Vitamin B12 can also cause eyelid spasms.

    • Kalyan says:

      Kim, have you discussed with any dr? I doubt if excess consumption of B12 has any adverse impacts. It is generally considered safe to consume B12 which gets stored in liver fot many years. So I feel B12 may not be the cause…lack of it might cause it though.

      • Trish says:

        B12 should help with the spasms…I take B12 to help prevent my hands from going numb..b12 is good for blocking spasms etc in my little knowledge

  60. carolyn says:

    Mines been twitching for all most two week and its been driving me crazy and I been looking on Google for answers and some say its can com from stressing but I really don’t think I have been stressing all that much and they doesn’t say how to stop it, so I got on here and I see some ideas I’m going to try thanks guys!

  61. Marilyn says:

    My left eye has been twitching almost everyday for the past 2 months. It has been a real nuisance. I tried everything: rubbing my eye gently, batting my eye, squeezing my eyes shut, but none of that worked. So earlier today I google remedies again because the twitching would not let up. Well, as mentioned in the tips above Tonic Water did the trick. I drank about 8 oz. a few hours ago and no more twitching !!!! So if you are have this awful eye twitching problem as well, I recommend good old Tonic Water. Worked for me!

    • Rue says:

      Where did you get the tonic water? Mine just started twitching yesterday while I was working but I don’t feel very stressed and I’m going to try getting more sleep. But it’s been a nuisance and I tend to worry about these things.

      • Michelle says:

        You can get tonic water at any grocery store. It’s usually close to the alcohol or “mixers” if not there then definitely in the soda and beverages section.

    • Trish says:

      👍 doesn’t make sense but ok. Worth a shot..

    • Andrew says:

      Tonic Water usually contains Quinine, exclusive of any other soft drink.

  62. Jo Champion says:

    Mine has been happening for over a year now. When I yawn it really goes crazy. Both eyes, not just one and its my eyelid, and all the way up to my eyebrow. People have noticed it and said things to me about it. Hope its nothing serious. I have no money to go to the eye dr right now.

  63. Joy Morales says:

    I get this when I’m stressed out and tired…drives me nuts!

  64. amy says:

    Does your eyelid actual close with your twitches? I get the butterfly beating feeling for sure! I have learned to live it.. I don’t go more than a couple days with out one and that is over the last 6 months. Not fun but thankfully it is n’t that obvious!

    • Colleen says:

      True—most people don’t notice. Mine has come back, too, and yes, sometimes the eye closes, but mostly it’s the butterfly wings! I’m beginning to think a lot of it is too much computer time! :O) Good luck with yours…hopefully it will go away soon.

  65. It happens to me too, when I’ve been sitting at the computer screen for too long. That’s my clue that it’s time to get up and talk a walk in the woods! Thanks for posting the useful information.

  66. Cinda says:

    I read this with interest as it happens to me too – once it went on for hours and would only stop when I would lie down, eyes closed. I didn’t realize dry eyes could cause it (will take your advice on drops), but eyestrain makes sense.
    I also get ocular migraines, which are not painful, but prevent me from seeing well enough to work. Very frustrating, but fortunately only an occasional occurrence.
    Thanks for a great article.

    • Colleen says:

      I feel for you, Cinda. Mine is still fluttering now and then, though less frequently than it was. It seems dry eyes and allergies can really exacerbate it. Definitely frustrating when we need to stare at a screen to do our work!