5 Tips to Help You Believe in Yourself

Believing in ourselves is essential to living our best lives—we hear it all the time. “Believe in yourself!” we’re told. Then everything will magically work out. Still, it’s often easier said than done, so I gathered some tips to help you out. If you have more, please share! 1. Do something. The best way to […]

the pain

Fibromyalgia: How to Weather the Pain and Keep Creating

Guest post by Annette Mardis I started my writing career in the newspaper industry, not known for fostering healthful lifestyles. Thankfully, we’ve long since left behind the era when ashtrays overflowed on desktops, smoke hung heavily in the stale air, and booze bottles shared drawer space with notepads and pens. But newspaper reporting and writing […]

John & Casey

A Daughter’s Suicide Leads to a Father’s Memoir

A Writing for Change Featured Post I’m so excited and honored to launch this new feature—Writing for Change—with John’s story. He lost his daughter, Casey, to suicide in 2008. He has since become an advocate for suicide prevention, and share’s Casey’s story in his book, The Girl Behind the Door. My family had a pretty […]

Encouraging Health, Confidence, and a Rich Inner Life for Creative Types