Featured Writer on Wellness: Linda Egenes

Linda Egenes is a book author and freelance writer from Fairfield, Iowa, who has written over 500 magazine articles and co-authored four nonfiction books on alternative health. Curious about her Amish neighbors, she found friends in three Amish communities and wrote about her experiences for Plain, Cobblestone, AAA Living, The Plain Reader anthology and in […]

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Featured Writer on Wellness: E. Rose Sabin

E. Rose Sabin lives with her two dogs, Juliet and Pixie, in Pinellas County, Florida, where for many years she taught Spanish, first in middle school and later on the junior college level. She now devotes her time to writing fantasy and science fiction, has had many short stories published, and has won several awards, […]

Family Using Gadgets Whilst Eating Breakfast Together In Kitchen

Are Cell Phones Stopping Us from Reaching Out?

We can communicate with one another in more ways than ever before. But strangely enough, that’s not what seems to be happening. Recent research suggests our obsession with technology is making us more isolated. Despite the fact that we’re more connected, we’re also “more lonely and distant from one another,” according to Massachusetts Institute of […]

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