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Keeping a Journal Can Help Chart a Path to Your Unique Voice

My step dad just passed an important anniversary—a year ago, he went through a double knee replacement. I remember that day well. One of the things that struck me as particularly challenging was the near endless process of medical-record-taking, from the initial registration to the consistent stream of nurses and other personnel coming in and […]

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The Secrets to Your Progress: Are You a Better Writer Today Than You Were Last Year?

At this time of year, I always find myself slipping into a period of reflection. How has the year gone? Where am I, in terms of my professional and personal growth? How did I do on my goals? Underneath all of this is perhaps the biggest question on my mind, and maybe on the minds […]


7 Reasons to Enjoy Your Morning—or Afternoon—Cup of Coffee

My father always loved coffee, but when he got into his later sixties, his doctor recommended he avoid it. It’s an acidic drink—hard on aging or sensitive stomachs—and my dad was swallowing too many antacids. If you have a sensitive stomach, too, you may want to avoid coffee, or at least limit your intake. Those […]

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7 Ways to Beat the Winter Writing Blues

Are you feeling it? You’re dragging yourself through your workday. You’re dreading your exercise routines. You’re sleeping in on weekends until noon. And you’ve got a deadly craving for frosted brownies. Worst of all, you’re writing has slowed down. Maybe you’re struggling more than you were only a few weeks ago. Maybe you’re even blocked, […]

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What to Do When You Doubt Yourself

Interviewer: You’ve acknowledged that as writers, we all have moments when we think what we’re working on is crap. Author Harlan Coben (Caught, Long Lost, and Hold Tight): Always. Every writer has that, if they’re worth anything. I don’t think it matters if you’re a writer, musician, new mom, or entrepreneur. If you’re following your […]


Featured Writer on Wellness: Linda Egenes

Linda Egenes is a book author and freelance writer from Fairfield, Iowa, who has written over 500 magazine articles and co-authored four nonfiction books on alternative health. Curious about her Amish neighbors, she found friends in three Amish communities and wrote about her experiences for Plain, Cobblestone, AAA Living, The Plain Reader anthology and in […]

Encouraging Health, Confidence, and a Rich Inner Life for Creative Types