Elaine and Vic

Grieving Widow Turns Feelings of Loss Into a Touching Memoir

A Writing for Change Featured Post I’ve been so inspired by Elaine’s kindness, courage, and beautiful writing. She lost her dear husband of 42 years in 2008. She turned her feelings into a lovely memoir entitled, Leaning Into Love: A Spiritual Journey Through Grief. My husband Vic died in 2008 after two years of lymphoma. […]

Clarissa 2

Featured Writer on Wellness: Clarissa Draper

Clarissa Draper, a Canadian currently living in Mexico, spends most of her time composing, planning, and writing code-based mysteries. Although she has written from an early age, she started writing full time in 2006, and is currently writing her third mystery in the Evans/Blackwell series. Physical Wellness When I write, I feel the urge to […]


Featured Writer on Wellness: Cullyn Royson

Cullyn Royson is a twenty-something fresh out of undergrad. When she isn’t interning to get into graduate school or working, she enjoys kayaking and swimming. You can find her chilling on Wattpad, Twitter, or Tumblr when she should be writing. Royson’s debut novel, Seducer Fey, was finalist for the Nancy Pearl Award in the traditionally […]

Supercharge Writing Career

Supercharge Your Writing Life with 3 Possible Career Paths

As writers, we can’t completely control how our writing will be received. We can work to get better at the craft, write and submit frequently, and market to the best of our ability, but in the end, whether our books hit the bestseller lists may depend just as much on luck as on skill and […]


Featured Writer on Wellness: David Edward Walker

Well before writing two award-winning indie novels, Tessa’s Dance and Signal Peak, David Edward Walker was a performing singer-songwriter with three indie CDs. He played at colleges, coffeehouses, and house concerts under the pseudonym, “David Folks”  and drawing “audiences into a warm space of feeling and introspection” (Music Hound Essential Folk). His work as a […]

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