Hands Too Cold to Type? Try These

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Hand WarmersMy mom got me these cool hand warmers for Christmas one year.

They stretch up over your wrists and forearms to help keep your fingers warm while you’re typing. Handmade, they were a find from a local farmer’s market.

As we go into the the fall and winter seasons, there are a lot of mornings where my fingers just don’t want to move. I’ve been using these warmers regularly, and they really do help. It got me wondering—are there other options out there?

I did some research and came up with the following. Let me know if you have more!je_gloves_01_large

Storiarts Gloves: The Writer magazine featured there November 2014 issue. Are these cool or what?

Made by Storiarts, they’re gloves with verbiage on them taken from some of the literary greats—Alice in Wonderland, Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre, and more! They also sell scarves with similar designs.

Handwarmers_03Smoko Toast USB Wired Hand Warmers: These cute little guys come from the same company that makes Smoko foot warmers, pillows, speakers, and more.

You simply plug them into your USB port and within moments, feel the warmth. (You can set it at low or high.) Meanwhile, your fingers are free to move. When I checked the home site, they were sold out, but I found some on Amazon.

monkeyusbhandwarmer-smallMonkey USB Hand Warmers: Similar to the Smoko Toast warmers, only made into the shape of cute monkeys. Are we sensing a trend here? (Personally, I’d like to see some puppies or baby horses.)

These work the same way—just plug in your USB port for powered warmth. These also have built-in wrist supports. I couldn’t find anywhere these were available, though, as most sites listed them as out of stock.

Maybe they’ll be coming back soon?

product_thumbHello Kitty USB Hand Warmers: If you’re a fan, these might be for you.

Same idea of plugging into your USB—just a cat instead of a monkey, or piece of toast! These have three settings—high, medium, and low.

il_fullxfull.387833486_joir_400wTrixy Xchange Typing Hand Warmers: These are similar to the ones my mom got me—fingerless gloves that stretch up your arm.

You can even customize the length and choose from various patterns. These are also advertised as being helpful for those with carpal tunnel syndrome.

il_570xN.521162774_7wsuEtsy Options: A source for handmade goods, Etsy has a number of hand warmers that are knitted or crocheted.

These caught my eye because they’re long enough to go over the wrist (I’ve heard if you keep the wrist warm, the fingers will follow), and because they’re made with a good stout fabric that’s likely to be warm. Plus, I love the button style.

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 10.19.58 PMAlpaca Hand Warmers: Talk about luxury. If you want super softness against your skin, try these alpaca handmade hand warmers. They’ve got quality cuffs and look tightly woven for real warmth.

Plus there is a large selection of colors—one for every outfit! Made by Sock Dreams. On the same site, you’ll find a number of different styles of arm warmers and “shortie” arm warmers, which may also work for you, as the fingers are free to move.

WomensAccSuperfine Merino Hand Warmers: Made in New Zealand with real merino wool. Available in nine colors, and machine washable.

10A-2TWristies: These guys make fingerless gloves out of Polartec fleece, and though you can use them under other gloves and mittens for outdoor warmth, they look like they would work well for typing, too.

They even have monogrammed wristies if you want to get personal.

Socks? Looking to save money? You can make your own hand warmers. Check out these instructions for creating them out of a warm pair of socks. May help you save a little cash if you’re not worried about how they look.

Knit Your Own: If you’re crafty, you can make some of these for yourself. There are knitting instructions here, and free crochet patterns here.

Do you know of other options for keeping your fingers warm while typing?

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