Quick and Easy Brain & Energy Booster for Writers

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~Writing Well Wednesday Tip~

When you sit down to write, does your brain vacate the premises?

Are there times when you just can’t focus, or when the scene refuses to come into your imagination?

When that happens, here’s something to try:

drink a little beet root juice.

Better yet, drink it about an hour before your exercise routine or workout, and let it go to work youth-ifying your brain.

A recent study out of Wake Forest University reported that when participants aged 55 and older drank beet root juice before exercising, their brains acted like the brains of younger adults.

W. Jack Rejeski, study co-author, stated that compared to exercise alone, “adding a beet root juice supplement to exercise resulted in brain connectivity that closely resembles what you see in younger adults.”

Beet root juice contains nutrients that are converted to nitric oxide (a natural signaling molecule in the body) after they’re consumed, which then increases blood flow in the body and the brain. Your blood vessels open up and voila, increased energy and focus.

The juice has other benefits, too, including:

  • May help lower blood pressure
  • May help protect against cancer
  • Is a good source of potassium and vitamin C
  • May boost exercise stamina
  • Helps maintain liver health

The next time you need a brain or energy boost, give it a try!

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