The Inner Voice Speaks Through the Body

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For the last week my eye has been driving me crazy. I’ve got one of those muscle twitches, the kind that makes the eyelid quiver and spazz out like a dying fly. I figured it would go away after a day. Or two. Certainly after three. But I’m going on seven days now, and it hasn’t left.

No coincidence that it gets worse the longer I stare at the computer screen, the later I stay up at night, and the more tired I feel. At first I thought it was just one of those things, but now I think it’s a clear message from my body that I’ve been working too hard, and need a break.

Easier said then done. I’ve got projects and deadlines looming, and I never disappoint my clients. Still, I know well enough by now—when the body talks, it’s time to listen. But here in America, we find that hard to do.

“Listening to your body’s messages is essential to maintaining balance and good health,” writes Mary Maddux at “In all the busyness and noise [of daily life], we lose connection with the most fundamental “signals” of life — the valuable information that comes to us through bodily sensations and emotions.”

Why have we become a culture that ignores the body’s messages? On the one hand, we seem obsessed with the body, at least it’s appearance. We want to look healthy and attractive, but how we feel seems to come a distant second. We have an obesity epidemic because we’ve lost the ability to be able to tell when we’re full. We work longer hours than most people around the world, and we use stimulants to try to overcome the corresponding exhaustion. We don’t exercise, so we feel lethargic and flabby. We don’t sleep, so we get grouchy, dizzy, and always hungry. In fact, if you think about it, our bodies are screaming at us at all hours of the day.

What do we do? Swallow more aspirin.

“I remember once giving a stress management seminar to a busy staff,” writes Ms. Maddux, “and spending at least half an hour talking about the need to visit the bathroom when nature calls. Almost everyone admitted to feeling too busy to stop what they were doing to go to the bathroom, take a drink of water, stretch their bodies.”

Seriously? We’ve gotten to the point that we even ignore when we need to go to the bathroom?

I’ve experienced it myself. When working long hours for a client in town, the work is so intense and the pace so fast that it’s difficult to break away—even for a trip to the bathroom.

The physical body is a microphone for the inner voice. If you’re not sure what your unconscious mind is whispering, listen to what your body is yelling. Feel sick at work? Maybe it’s time for a change. Feel nauseated or tense every time you get together with your boyfriend? Something’s wrong—ask yourself what. Feel a sense of foreboding before going on a trip? Rethink your plans.

On some level we all know that we need to be more aware of what our bodies are telling us. We know about heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases that are at least partially preventable. We know that if we keep ignoring the body’s messages, we’ll probably have to pay for it someday.

But not today. Today we can pop another pill and keep going.

I worked all weekend. I’ve got more to do, but think I’m going to take the day off.

I’m hoping that will be enough to make my eye behave!

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  1. Casey says:

    I agree. Many times we ignore what our physical body tells us until it is to late. I find meditation and energy healing sessions assist in keeping the body balanced. If anyone is interested a new monthly group energy healing session is beginning soon. You can get more information here